Acting Workshop on 10 & 11 April 2010

This 2-day Acting Workshop is conducted by Glen Chin & Alannah Ong

The afternoon session on the 10th April will be conducted by Glen Chin.


Together, we will discover the elements of the CROW throught lectures and exercises.


The four conerstones of acting.

The mastering of these techniques will ensure the student has a better grasp of the concept of IN-THE-MOMENT acting.

The morning and afternoon sessions on 11th Sunday will be conducted by Alannah Ong

Medium of instruction: English


a) How to study and use a script
b) What is your Character? How to create it?
c) What is the Conflict in the scene?
d) Who is the other Character? What does he/she want?
e) The Magic of transforming Illusion into Reality
f ) Balance your Body, Mind & Soul during a Performance
g) Creating a flow between scenes. What happened before this scene?
h) Continuity in your character's emotional state
i ) The Ability to get in & out of your role
j ) The Ability to be spontaneous
k) Energy & Intensity
l ) The differences of Acting for Stage, Film & Television
m) The Quality of an Actor
n) Improvisation

Full schedule: 10 April 2010 Saturday 2:30pm to 5:30pm and 11 April 2010 Sunday 10:30am to 5:30pm

Tuition: HK$1800

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Glen Chin

Your instructor Glen Chin has appeared in numerous plays and musicals, as well as over 100 movies and television shows in Hollywood and various Asian countries, having worked with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Jackie Chan, Tsui Hark and Fruit Chan.
Glen's film roles ranges from independent productions to international blockbusters. He has performed many kinds of roles including action parts where he has performed his own stunts, and he has played dramatic and comedic characters. The most memorable films include NATURAL BORN KILLERS, KNOCK OFF, ART OF WAR, and EAST OF A.
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Alannah Ong

Experience in Acting:
- Starred in many popular TV drama series in Hong Kong, such as “Kindred Spirit” (真情), “Body of Evidence”(鑑証實錄),
“The First Gateway”(雷霆第一関) & “The Time Machine”(子是故人來)…etc.
- Starred in many Hollywood and Canadian films & television series including Canadian classic “Double Happiness”
(winner of 7 international Awards, in which she played the 2nd lead), “New York Minute” (Warner Brothers)…etc.
- Starred in Stage Plays – “Mother Tongue” and “Fault Line”, both by Betty Kwan, and “Opening Doors”…etc.
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Experience in Teaching Acting:
- Managing Director of Alannah’s Centre for Performing Arts. She has been teaching and organizing acting programmes since 1985.
- Her students include Golden Horse Award & HK Film Academy Award
- Winners Karena Lam 林嘉欣, Sylvia Cheung 張艾嘉, Molly Parker (Gemini Award, 1998) & Cristina Paras (“Miss Saigon” Lead)…etc
- Trainer in Acting for Film & TV Programme, IVY College.
- The students in Alannah’s Children’s Acting Programme were invited to Participate with film legend Audrey Hepburn in her Unicef TV Special, 1992.