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You will learn how to use the Casablanca ediitng machines. Each of you will be given a tape with all the footages shot by your group on Day 2. You will EACH be provided with your own editing starion and start editing your OWN versions of the films (final film must not exceed 2 minutes).
After you have finished your films comments will be given by the instructor and fellow students. Also you will be a given a DVD of your films to take home.
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Casablanca Digital Video Editor

We teach editing principles which students can use on any software after the workshop.
Students will be using the Casablanca Digital Video Editors in this workshop. They are very user-friendly. Students will spend time editing their films rather than learning software in class.
However, students are welcome to bring their own cameras and laptops (with editing software) if they prefer.
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Nespresso coffee is provided

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What students say about the workshop:

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the great filmmaking class! I still talk to the students who were with us in the class, Yazmen & Sam for the photography class and MinJung for the filmmaking class. It's also a great indicator of how good your class was if the students stayed in contact afterwards. :)
I want to share the trailer for our new webseries LUMINA with you. Your filmmaking class really inspired me to go out and film something, and I have even braved the depths of editing (on Final Cut Studio!)"
- Jennifer Thym
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"Your workshop was amazing! It has opened a new path in my filmmaking ambition! And with that I believe I shall start making short films with any available equipment, crew, actors. If you have any advice, please share your experiences/knowledge with me."
- Maxim Bessmertnyi, March 2011
"I hope to join the Photography workshop in June. I have recently been accepted to MFA Film degree at NYU Tisch Asia and the short film on the beach got into Macau Film Festival! Once again, thanks for your reference!"
- Maxim Bessmertnyi, April 2012
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Your instructor Richard Wong

Richard Wong is a professional Director and Director of Photography. He has over 20 years experience in the film industry. He operates his own studio. Now he also teaches filmmaking through the Hong Kong International Film Academy which he founded in 2006.
Richard earned a Bachelar's Degree and a Master's Degree in Film from the famous Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He has filmed, directed and produced hundreds of television commercials.
Richard is a full member of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers and a jury mmember of the Hong Kong Film Awards. He has been appointed as a Sector/Subject Specialist of the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation.
Commercial Showreel:
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Juliane Block

About the filmmaker: Juliane’s feature film credits in Germany include producer, screenwriter, special effects make-up artist, and art direction for the 30 minute short "Killerbus" and the 90 minute feature "K7B – Mutation: Director’s Cut." She wrote, produced and directed the short "Unsecured Loan" in Malaysia in 2007, which was screened at various festivals. In the beginning of 2008 she was selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus and wrote and directed the short "It Could Happen To You" at the Berlinale Garage Studio.
For more information on Juliane Block, links to her films, and to watch Emperor, visit her Film Annex page at
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A short video of the workshop is shot and edited by one of the students Wendy Fung. Here is a link to a short video: