How to Write a Film Treatment starts 3 April 14

Medium of instruction: English

A film treatment is a piece of prose, intended to be turned into a screenplay for a motion picture. A screenplay is the blue print for a movie. A film treatment is a blue print for a screenplay. Film treatments are widely used within the motion picture industry as selling documents.

This workshop covers the basis of story telling from a cinematic perspective, find your muse for storytelling, the creative process of storytelling for cinema and television, honing your story into a film genre, structuring your ideas into a film story, creating a treatment for selling your story. By the end of the workshop, you should have a treatment for your ideas ready to pitch or begin your script with it.

Full schedule: 4 Thursday evenings on 3, 10, 17 & 24 April 2014 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Tuition fee: HK$2000

Click to a larger version of What students say about this course:

What students say about this course:

"This course is very enjoyable and stimulating and is a great kick-start if you've got an idea you want to turn into a film script" - John Branon
"Before taking the course, I had often bounced ideas around my head that I thought should be in a script. But I had no idea how to get started. This course was a great help to me. It helped me to focus on my story and taught me how to set my idea in the form of a film treatment and I now feel happy and confident enough to begin working on the complete script." Dan Wilson
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You instructor Gilbert Po

Your instructor, Gilbert Po, has worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood, as a copywriter for advertising agencies (most recently with Foot, Cone and Belding) and has produced and directed feature films in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
Gilbert's first movie project as a director was OBSESSION. The movie was a shocking , visceral, erotic thriller. It went on to become a cult film for the small screen in North America. One year later, he was working in Hollywood and directed a film for the Sci fi Channel movie of the month, ASSAULT ON DOME 4.